Soul DE Bryan Robinson in a 2012 shot taken by J&D Photography.
Soul DE Bryan Robinson in a 2012 shot taken by J&D Photography.











PHILADELPHIA – Veteran defensive end, Bryan Robinson might be on the search for a new team according to Arena Insider’s Anthony Carter.

Robinson, 28, is currently a free-agent (contract expired) after undergoing one of the worst seasons of his career with the Philadelphia Soul. The six-year veteran ended his 2014 season with 11 tackles, 3 sacks and 8 pass deflections.

“I don’t really know yet,” Bryan Robinson told Arena Insider on if he will return to the team. “I’m just enjoying the offseason and working hard to comeback better than ever this season.”

During the season, Robinson was replaced with standout rookie, Ted Jennings who stepped in and topped off his season with 20 tackles and 11 sacks that essentially put him on the First Team All-Arena defense list. Jennings’ season raised eyebrows on if the Soul will continue with Robinson.

After the Soul’s heartbreaking playoff loss to the Cleveland Gladiators in the first round last season, Anthony Carter caught up with head coach Clint Dolezel, who in fact signed a new two-year contract to remain coach of Philadelphia, to talk about the future of the team and coach Dolezel noted that the team will move on from a lot of players (veteran) and build a younger roster. Robinson, along with other former Soul vets like WR Tiger Jones, may be on that list.

Despite having little optimism in returning to Philadelphia, Bryan will most likely find a new team considering the type of performance he has put on throughout his career. Since playing for Milwaukee Mustangs in 2010, Robinson has had a total of 110 tackles, 32 sacks, and 7 forced fumbles.


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