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Predators Coach Rob Keefe Suspended Indefinitely On Domestic Violence Charge



Rob-Keefe-jpgORANGE COUNTY, FLArena Insider has learned that Orlando Predators head coach Rob Keefe was arrested on a domestic violence charge on Monday and was suspended indefinitely from the AFL. 

Keefe, 34, was arrested on reports made by his girlfriend, Arnie Hardin, saying that he spit in her face and grabbed her by the neck and waist area with both hands according to WKMG. 

Hardin told officers that they were arguing over “stupid stuff” but Rob denied touching her and slamming her against a door. 

Rob spent the night in jail on Sunday and had a hearing from the judge Monday to only be released later that afternoon, facing a misdemeanor charge that could lead up to a felony. Arnie was with him during court and denied the actions that he did. 

The Orlando Predators released a statement regarding the issue, 

“We have decided to suspend Coach Keefe with pay while the investigation is ongoing. This is not an indication of his guilt or innocence or that there is any validity to the charges. Coach Keefe is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law,” said Orlando Predators president Jared Saft. 

Keefe last season led the Predators to an 11-7 record, including a first round playoff home win against the Pittsburgh Power, who ceased operations recently. 

This will be a test to new commissioner Scott Butera to see how he handles a issue that is starting to gain more attention nationally. 


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