If you had told me this was going to happen tonight; I would have told you that you were crazy. The New Orleans Voodoo came out firing on all cylinders on Saturday night and overcame a late Sharks rally to beat the Jacksonville 51-50 Saturday night.

New Orleans QB Adam Kennedy completed 2 huge passes to Duvalt to set the Voodoo up at the 1 yard line. On 4th and goal New Orleans punched it on an end around to Carlese Franklin to take the 51-50 lead. The Sharks had one more opportunity to win it; but they were stopped on 4th down and the Voodoo ran out the clock for their third win all time over Jacksonville.

For the Voodoo this is a big headline to open the season with.

After management problems headlined their 2014 3-15 season, New Orleans made some late moves in the offseason and built themselves a team. New head coach Dean Cokins brought in Rashaun Kizer and other defensive backs to make the Voodoo competitive – but no one imagined this.

Going up against a team that was completely stacked with quarterback Tommy Grady, WR Tiger Jones and defensive lineman Joe Sykes. The Sharks are the clear cut favorite to win the American Conference, but the Voodoo came out the stronger team on Saturday.

Things did not go well for QB  Tommy Grady. Grady, former AFL mvp who was signed by the Sharks after the Power went dormant, was intercepted by Cortez Stubbs 49 yards for a touchdown.

This is a big win for the Voodoo; a statement win like this can go a long way. Next up for New Orleans; next week at home against the Cleveland Gladiators.


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