Remember August 15th 2013?

That was the day the Los Angeles KISS were unveiled as the new expansion team in the Arena Football League for the 2014 season. The team was going to be owned by Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley of KISS, along with Brett Bouchey and former Dodgers president Schuyler Hoversten. Things were looking so good in Los Angeles for football. LA hired legendary coach Bob Mcmillen as their first head coach, and he was also hired as their general manager. Gene Simmons called the team the “Kings Of The Jungle”, Bouchey called the KISS the “Dallas Cowboys” of the AFL. The team even pulled off a historic upset of the San Antonio Talons in their first game in team history and started the season 2-1.

Funny thing is, they haven’t done anything since.

The KISS last won on June 14th 2014 69-61 against the Portland Thunder. They have lost 12 straight since. Los Angeles is 3-21 all time in franchise history, including a 1-12 road record. To make a comparison; the expansion Las Vegas Outlaws are 3-2 in their history. They have the same amount of wins in their first year as the KISS do in their two years in team history. On my podcast, my co-host Todd Mintz has called for Mcmillen to resign as head coach. The entertainment level at the Honda Center has been down, attendance is dropping, and the future of the team is uncertain. Half of the original ownership that bought the team has left this year. Its gotten so bad in LA some fans are hoping the team is #TankingFor12th.

The KISS have to clean house. The front office has to fire Mcmillen and revamp this roster and fix the offense. Last night in Vegas, the KISS scored 16 points. With Gene and Paul sitting right there in front of it. They had to be pissed off at what they saw on Monday night on national television. When you score 16 points in an NFL game theres no shame. But scoring 16 points in an ARENA FOOTBALL LEAGUE game is shameful. Whats worse is look at the upcoming schedule; they’re at Spokane and then they’re at Portland. As my co-host on my show would say, “good luck”.

Right now there are lots of questions. Will the KISS give this coaching staff anther year? Will the KISS even be in LA next year? How much more can the KISS take.








21 thoughts on “COLUMN: LA KISS Need To Clean House”

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