PHOENIX, AZ – With the 1st Quarter, both teams came out (figuratively) swinging with San Jose QB Erik Meyers (12 for 21 for 182 yards with 5 Touchdowns) throwing his first pass for 33 yards to DJ Stephens (5 catches for 58 yards, with one touchdown) After the 33 yard Meyers pass, both Arizona and San Jose returned kickoffs for touchdowns, with AJ Cruz returning kickoffs for Arizona and Reggie Gray fielding the ball off the nets for San Jose. With Nick Davila on the IR due to a toe dislocation, B.J Coleman ended up going 17 of 38 for 191 yards with 3 Touchdowns and 3 Interceptions.

In the 2nd Quarter, both defenses stepped up, with Arizona forcing 2 turnover on downs and San Jose getting an interception. Coleman threw a touchdown to Markee White (5 catches for 75 yards with 2 touchdowns) and Rod Windsor (10 catches for 95 yards with 1 touchdown). Erik Meyers passed the ball to Rich Ranglin for a touchdown. Kevin Guy said “I thought we had them right where we wanted them at halftime, we went down and we scored which tied the game up. Then all the little things started happening and the team has to show up. When that stuff starts happening, it speeds the clock up on the quarterback. We competed for two and a half quarters.”

In the 3rd Quarter, the defenses played a bigger role including San Jose forcing a Safety. Mykel Benson rushed for a touchdown and Erik Meyers threw a Touchdown to Reggie Gray (6 catches for 67 yards with 3 touchdowns, 2 receiving and 1 Kick return). Near the end of the 3rd Quarter, Meyers was taken out of the game via stretcher, and Nathan Stanley replaced him throwing 8 of 14 for 49 yards, with 2 Touchdowns.

In the 4th Quarter, San Jose stepped up their defense even more and finished off Arizona, forcing 2 Turnover on Downs and getting 1 interception. Stanley threw a pass to Adron Tennell (6 catches for 88 yards with 2 touchdowns) and Dariu Reynolds (2 catches for 11 yards with 1 touchdown).

6 thoughts on “Rattlers Fall to Sabercats; San Jose Stay Undefeated”

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