The New Orleans Voodoo have now lost 6 games in a row. Quite frankly its getting very annoying to write about. Last weeks competitive loss in Philadelphia was a bright spot and was supposed to be a positive for the Voodoo this week against Cleveland. Instead, New Orleans put forth the worst offensive effort in team history. The Cleveland Gladiators took over in the second quarter and they never looked back on their way to a 51-34 victory over the New Orleans Voodoo on Friday night at the Smoothie King Center. Now you may be wondering, how is 34 points the worst offensive effort in a teams history? Well, they scored those 34 points in garbage time and it didnt matter a whole lot. The first half is what did the Voodoo in. In a franchise that has scored 13 points in a game each of the last two years, they did something that would have ashamed most AFL fans. In the first half of this game on Friday night, they scored 6 points. 6. SIX, S-I-X. 6 points. The offense was so bad in the first half, they were probably lucky they we’rent shut out in the first half. The Voodoo could not move the ball at all, and it came back to haunt them as they trailed at one point in this game 30-6.

The bottom line is the Voodoo(2-10) are not going to be in the postseason, as they have lost 10 of 11 since the opening night win over the Jacksonville Sharks. There are also whispers that the Voodoo might not even be in New Orleans next season, as the teams attendance is pitiful and the team has become a mess. The Voodoo will next play in Orlando in two weeks as the team has a bye week next week.

14 thoughts on “Column: Voodoo Put Forth Worst Offensive Effort In Team History”

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