Inside Talking Stick Resort Arena in front of 11,510 cheering fans, the Arizona Rattlers (5-0) pushed around the Portland Steel (0-4) with the final score being 68 to 21.

Portland started the game with possession and Starting Quarterback Kasey Peters (23/49 for 245 yards with 3 touchdowns and 1 interception) finding Tyrone Goard (7 catches for 49 yards with 3 touchdowns) for the touchdown. Arizona returned fire with Nick Davila (14/18 for 246 yards with 7 touchdowns) throwing a deep pass to Rod Windsor (5 catches for 91 yards with 3 touchdowns and 2 rushes for 31 yards with 1 touchdown) for 48 yards. Portland’s miscues started on their next possession, with Portland fumbling the ball and Tyre Glasper recovering the ball for a 1 yard touchdown. Portland and Arizona traded possessions with Turnover On Downs (TOD) and Portland ended the quarter with their 2nd TOD for the game.

Arizona pulled off a 2 play drive with Davila passing the ball to a wide open Anthony Amos(4 catches for 76 yards with 2 touchdowns) for a 22 yard score. Portland failed to convert for their 3rd TOD, and Arizona capitalized with Davila passing the ball to Maurice Purify (3 catches for 68 yards with 2 touchdowns) for a 12 yard touchdown. Portland drove down the field, but Arizona’s Al Phillips tackled Jared Perry 1 yard short of a 1st down and Arkeith Brown deflected Peters’ next pass for Portland’s 4th conceutive TOD. Arizona kept their foot on the gas with Davila passing to Amos for his 2nd touchdown. Portland attempted to get on track with Peters finding Goard for the 2nd time of the game. Arizona ended the half with Davila passing the ball to Purify, Windsor, and a short pass to Mykel Benson (2 catches for 13 yards). Arizona entered the locker room firmly in control 34 to 14.

Arizona got the ball to start the 2nd half and Davila found Windsor for their 2nd hook-up resulting in a score. Portland countered with Peters throwing to Goard for their 3rd touchdown. Portland then attempted and succeeded on an onside kick, but couldn’t capitalize on the drive with Arizona’s Brown breaking up another Peters pass. Arizona didn’t let up with Davila passing to Purify for a 2nd touchdown. Portland turned the ball over with a pass being complete from Peters to Terre Mitchell, but not being long enough for a 1st down. Arizona made quick work of their next drive with Davila throwing to Windsor for a 3rd touchdown. The quarter ended with Peters throwing an interception to Al Phillips on 4th down.

Arizona’s Windsor rushed for 9 yards for the first touchdown of the 4th Quarter. Portland attempted a field goal on 4th down, but the kick was tipped and Arizona’s Amos returned the missed kick 22 yards. Arizona replaced Davila with Shane Boyd (1/5 for 16 yards and 1 rush for 7 yards with 1 touchdown) and Boyd scrambled for a touchdown. Portland’s final drive of the game had Peters passing to Perry and Perry being tackled short of the 1st down. Arizona had Boyd waste the rest of the clock with 2 incomplete passes into the stands.

Offensive Player of the Game: Nick Davila – Arizona Rattlers

Defensive Player of the Game: Arkeith Brown – Arizona Rattlers

Playmaker of the Game: Dimetrio Tyson – Arizona Rattlers

Catch of the Game: Nick Davila to Rod Windsor for 48 yard touchdown, 1st Quarter – Arizona Rattlers

Highlight of the Game: Tyre Glasper fumble recovery for touchdown, 1st Quarter – Arizona Rattlers

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