PORTLAND, OR – The Moda Center was practically buzzing with excitement as Portland began it’s second to last home game of the 2016 season. The Steel fans welcomed the Jacksonville Sharks surprisingly well as the odds did not seem to be in their favor for tonight. The Sharks rolled onto the field with a 5-8 record, the Steel with the cringe worthy record of 1-12, though both teams have a streak of three loses.


But tonight the one to break their losing streak was Portland. Last time the two teams met it was on the Sharks home turf, Jacksonville left the field with a 65-34 win and the Steel had to travel home hanging their heads.


The Portland Steel opened their game off with a kickoff return touchdown from DB Shaine Boyle. The Sharks however, fired back with a touchdown of their own. The two teams went back and forth throughout the whole game with Portland remaining one point ahead for the duration due to a missed extra point by Jacksonville’s kicker Lindsey Wolfe.


Very few plays stood out as much as one that occurred in the 4th quarter where Steel FB Kevin Myers pushed Shane Austin through the line of Sharks’ defensive players and into the endzone for a TD.


With their second win of the season under their belts, the Steel hit the road next weekend as they travel to Florida to try to take a win from the Tampa Bay Storm on their last away game of the season. Will the Steel head into the playoffs with only their two wins? Fans and players alike are hopeful for more wins in the next few weeks.  

7 thoughts on “Portland Steel Snags Second Win Of The Season, 55-53”

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