With Rebrand, AFL Prepares for 2019 Expansion


Philadelphia, Pa. – The Arena Football League (AFL) has officially unveiled its new logo. This is the first time the League introduced a new logo since 2003, and is a monumental shift in visual identity.

The new logo, while still embracing its AFL Legacy, signifies the path moving forward as a next-generation sports league. AFL games are perfectly designed for a game-oriented world that is increasingly reliant on broadband high-speed internet.

“We are excited to announce the League’s new logo, which represents the new direction of the AFL,” said Randall Boe, Commissioner of the Arena Football League. “This marks the beginning of many changes to come from the League, including a uniquely modernized and gamified experience for fans. The new logo represents the high energy momentum of the League that we are excited to share with everyone.”

The AFL worked with Chuck Kacsur Design, who was tasked to design the new logo with the intention of symbolizing the modernization and revitalization of the League. Additionally, it signalizes “the exciting future of gamification and new technologies the AFL will employ.”

The new logo, which is optimized for digital space, includes brighter color shades which were carefully selected in the design process. While the font is reminiscent of what was previously used, brighter colors were selected to be youth-oriented and to convey a higher level of energy.  Its elements were deliberately refined with modernization and gamification at the forefront.

Various iterations of the AFL’s new logo will be used in different spaces, including mobile application badges and jersey patches, all of which were designed with brand identity and consistency in mind.

The design, similar to the League, is about movement to­­ward the future as the AFL restarts with a visionary mindset.

Across digital platforms, the AFL will utilize the hashtag #BetOnUs, and will encourage its continued use by fans.

“We think the advent of legalized sports betting is an exciting opportunity for the Arena Football League,” said Boe. “Our games are exciting and action-packed. On average, more than 90 points are scored in every game.

“We think that fans will enjoy betting on Arena Football games and think that will help drive fan engagement and excitement.  #BetOnUs also signifies our commitment to expanding the AFL and bringing our exciting games to as many fans as possible.”

The League is set to make expansion announcements after the New Year, and is prepared to make a strong mark in the sports industry in 2019. Its new visual identity is future-ready, brings a new life to the Arena Football League and signifies its new direction.

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