Effective immediately, AFL on ESPN returns. The league announced earlier Thursday morning that all games will be available to watch on ESPN 3 and the ESPN app. ArenaBowl XXXII will also be televised on ESPN2.

Games have been broadcasted on ESPN3 in the past as well as the ArenaBowl on ESPN’s main network. The only change this year is the championship game being on the secondary outlet but is still a good sign for the future of the Arena Football League.

“We are delighted to be the national media home for the Arena Football League – the leading professional indoor football league in the country,” ESPN’s Senior VP of Programming and Acquisitions Scott Guglielmino said. “The AFL complements our commitment to serve fans with the best available football action year-round.”

AFL Commissioner Randall Boe noted that this move will be beneficial as the league continues to expand with the addition of new teams like the Columbus Destroyers and the Atlantic City BlackJacks.

“We are pleased for the AFL, its players, coaches and fans, to be able to announce that all of our games will broadcast on ESPN,” AFL Commissioner, Randall Boe stated in a release. “We are pleased and proud to be working with ESPN and think they will be a great partner to help us grow the AFL”

The first game to be streamed on ESPN3 begins Friday night as the Baltimore Brigade host the Philadelphia Soul.

372 thoughts on “INSIDER REPORT: AFL Reaches Agreement With ESPN To Broadcast Games”

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