Anthony Carter – Founder

About Anthony: Anthony has enjoyed writing and talking about sports since high school. He wrote about the New York Jets/Giants, covered the Philadelphia Eagles training camp as well as the 2014 NBA draft for The Epoch Times in 12th grade. He would later start writing about the Philadelphia Soul on his own website, “Soul Insider,” before covering the league and would change the name to Arena Insider. Carter graduated from Elizabethtown College in May of 2019 with a degree in Communications and a minor in Graphic Design. He was an intern at WGAL8 – an NBC affiliate in Lancaster PA, before becoming a full time news producer at KDRV12 – an ABC affiliate in Medford Oregon starting on July 8th, 2019.

You can connect with Anthony : Twitter: @acarterKdrv | On LinkedIn | E-mail: | Portfolio website:

Who are we?

Arena Insider is the go-to source for Arena Football live score updates, transactions, and behind the scene videos.

When did we start?

We started in 2014 as “Soul Insider,” and only covered the Philadelphia Soul. Due to a high demand, we began to report on every team the following season, and changed the name to “Arena Insider.”

Our progress so far?

Website Views

What's new since our launch?

Apple/Google news stories.

Live post game press conferences

Increase in writers (Insiders we like to call them)

Instagram exclusive reports


What are our plans for the future?

With today’s current change in technology, we do our best to innovate changes in the way readers look at a news story.

We will this year or plan to introduce

Twitter Exclusive Stories (Moments) – WILL

Post game Photo/Video Highlights Only (Limiting post game stories) – WILL

Twitch, YouTube, Facebook Live Video Streaming – WILL

Weekly Audio/Video Broadcast – PLAN

Partnerships with Local Children Charity Groups – PLAN

^ BUT! We Need Your Help

In order to keep Arena Insider around and introduce the ideas above, we need your help. Visit the contact us page and or the Write for us page! We would love to have you join our Insider team!