June 25, 2024

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Washington Wolfpack players offered reduced salary due to apparent failed agreement with league

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Photo credit: Arena Insider Wolfpack Insider James Matson

EVERETT, Wash — Owners of the Washington Wolfpack are speaking out about issues its been dealing with in regards to player compensation, that prompted the group to move in a new direction.

On May 17, owners Kelly Fahey, Miguel Morga and Mike Thomas, shared a letter with fans about the state of the Wolfpack following the recent appointment of interim commissioner Jeff Fisher.

“We are optimistic about this and other Arena Football League changes moving forward, but we along with teams across the country have not been immune to the impacts of the season’s first three weeks.” The letter stated.

According to the owners, the AFL under former commissioner Lee Hutton III agreed to pay player salaries and team travel to away games. However the Wolfpack alleges the league has yet to issue any payment.

“[Commissioner Hutton III] communicated through the first several weeks of the season how the league would still honor the payments owed to its teams. Regardless, our ownership group decided to pay our players in good faith and pressured the Arena Football League to honor its obligations.”

The owners said they were prompted to change its financial model and offer the players a reduced salary because of the lack of compensation.

“Our current player roster has been offered a revised compensation structure that we feel is competitive with indoor football. Our players have been distressed by the withholding of these league payments to its players. It is an unfortunate decision, but one that we feel will help guide our team forward for the remainder of this season and many more to come.”

The AFL is actively adjusting schedules for the current 11 teams. The owners asked fans to remain patient while also trusting in the future of the Wolfpack and the league.

“The future of the Washington Wolfpack football is extremely bright. We believe in our fans, sponsors and Jeff Fisher leading the league. We as owners, players, coaches and staff are fully committed to helping the vision of the Arena Football League moving forward.”

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[…] owners released a statement to fans, stating they have paid their players in good faith so far this season but pressured the league to […]

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