June 25, 2024

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HUMBL uncertain on future with AFL, expands partnership with Blackbears

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SAN DIEGO — HUMBL announced it extended its partnership with the Oregon Blackbears but also noted its uncertainty with the Arena Football League.

HUMBL inked an agreement earlier this year to be the league’s exclusive digital technology platform – which includes the “arenafootballusa” website, ticket sales and the AFL mobile app.

The website and app has since been shut down for unknown reasons but appear to have occurred after the league ousted former commissioner Lee Hutton III.

”The AFL has been going through management changes and we will keep shareholders informed as we know more. We are in close communications with all parties involved.” the company shared in its Q2 report on May 15.

On Tuesday, HUMBL announced it will continue servicing tickets for future Blackbears home games.

”[The partnership will] deliver an innovative digital ticketing program and fan experience. HUMBL is built on fully-verified profiles and new digital technologies, improving the cost, transparency and digital authenticity of tickets for fans, teams, leagues and venues.” The press release stated.

The Blackbears recently agreed with the league to continue playing for the remainder of the season, though forfeited its last game against the Southwest Kansas Storm because of “unforeseen circumstances.”

More notably, HUMBL’s CEO Brian Foote shared the ongoing situation with the AFL has negatively affected the company. He stated the partnership with the Blackbears will continue regardless of the team’s status with the league and future opponents.

HUMBL’s press release never mentioned the AFL.

“The situation with arena football has been confusing and frustrating for all of us that were involved as corporate sponsors and vendors,” Foote said in a separate message on HUMBL’s website. “It is still unfolding as we await more information. The Oregon Blackbears team spent months working with HUMBL’s team and technologies…and has elected to sign a renewal for any remaining 2024 home games no matter what opponent or league.”

According to United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) public filings, HUMBL and Arena Football Management, LLC which is owned by former commissioner Lee Hutton III, agreed to a five year term.

The contract outlined the AFL would receive 15,000,000 in common stock of HUMBL for completion of the 2024 season. Other incentives were included if the league sold $30 million in ticket sales and the number of customers who download the HUMBL Wallet to purchase tickets.

However, Anthony Rossi, CEO of ForceOne Capital which is the main partner of the league, posted on X that there was never a deal in place between the AFL and HUMBL.

“Deal is dead, and I have issues with anyone trying to take our owners’ ticket sales profits. They output capital and they need and deserve those ticket sales. No profit share deal will ever take place around ticket sales while I own the league. HUMBL is not an [AFL] partner. Never were.” Rossi replied on X.

In the meantime, Blackbears’ President Patrick Johnson confirmed with Arena Insider on an unrelated inquiry that the team has no plans of shutting down the rest of the season.

“We have had a great experience so far with HUMBL as a company and service provider,” Johnson said in the release. “HUMBL has been working through the kinks with us over the past three home contests and we are very pleased with the progress that we both have made together. We are excited to be the first pro sports test case for HUMBL as they prepare their technologies for global scaling. We look forward to working with Brian and his team for the remainder of our 2024 season, and in future home games for the Oregon Blackbears, showcasing how new digital technologies can disrupt the ticketing industry here at our arena and with other pro teams and leagues around the world.”

As of right now, the Blackbears’ next scheduled game is on the road against the Nashville Kats on June 16 according to the league’s website.

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