June 25, 2024

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Thibodeaux denies involvement with Blackbears ownership despite AFL announcement

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SALEM, Ore — New York Giants linebacker Kayvon Thibodeaux has denied involvement with the Oregon Blackbears and the Arena Football League despite the announcement before the season.

On October 25, the AFL reported Thibodeaux would lead the Blackbears’ ownership group. Thibodeaux never acknowledged the announcement at the time or was quoted in the press release.

“Oregon is renowned for having a rabid football fan base so we’re absolutely thrilled to bring a new franchise to this market,” Former Commissioner Lee Hutton III said at the time. “There’s no better person to lead the Blackbears than a true Oregon star like Kayvon who understands the fans’ insatiable appetite for success.”

On Sunday, Thibodeaux confirmed with Arena Insider that he was never involved with the league and instead said his name was used for publicity. He declined to provide more details about the situation.

The Blackbears were scheduled to be on the road against the Southwest Kansas Storm for week five but forfeited because of “unforeseen circumstances.” The team’s next scheduled game is away on June 16 against the Nashville Kats according to the league website.

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