June 25, 2024

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Minnesota Myth suspends 2024 season, players informed to return home immediately

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MINNEAPOLIS — The Minnesota Myth appear to be the fourth team in the Arena Football League to suspend operations so far this season.

According to an email obtained by Arena Insider Monday, players were informed to return home immediately. Diana Hutton, owner of the Myth and wife of Commissioner Lee Hutton III, stated they were working to get additional funding but did not have much time.

“The timing to finalize the deal cannot be done within the next two days,” Diana said in the email. “This has also been delayed due to the negative publicity surrounding our team and the league’s lack of support. As their main purpose seems to be to sabotage this team in order to force my husband to resign as commissioner of the AFL. They even made changes to the schedule without any notification to us.”

The news comes after former Head Coach Rickey Foggie and Special Teams Coordinator Javon Hering resigned on May 10.

Diana shared she listened to the players’ concerns surrounding Foggie resigning and will address them.

”In the last meeting I saw a display of great team bonding and it was exceptional,” Diana said. “Coach Loots and Coach Tolly will be working with the team to finalize all outstanding obligations.”

The Myth were also scheduled to play the Albany Firebirds Monday night but canceled because they were unable to make the trip according to a press release.

This remains a developing story and this post will be updated with more details as it becomes available.

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J.R. Johnston
J.R. Johnston
1 month ago

Of course they made changes to the schedule, the people who actually own the teams (not league owned) were looking to play anywhere so that they could generate some revenue.

When a league official goes AWOL, and even the other owners can’t locate him, it kind of becomes every team for themselves.

Did these owners have to pay the league and entry fee? It would be interesting where that money went.


[…] news comes after Minneapolis Myth owner and wife of Lee, Diana, informed players to return home immediately. The Myth became the fourth team to suspend its season in the league’s historic […]

Teresa Loops
Teresa Loops
1 month ago

Sorry for the players. Dashed high expectations


[…] Monday, Hutton sent email to players informing them to return home immediately. She said the organization was working to obtain additional funding for the team but the timing did […]

1 month ago

Dear Anthony Carter,
Thank you for the great reporting on the despicable Lee Hutton. He’s not a good person. He’s not ethical. I hope this story gets bigger, is documented, and that you benefit from telling the truth and telling this story.
You are doing excellent work.
I agree with J.R. Johnston, where did all the money that the AFL was collecting go? My guess is to Lee and Diana Hutton.

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