July 12, 2024

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Minnesota Myth officially cease operations, owner seemingly blames negative attention as factor in decision

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MINNEAPOLIS — The Minnesota Myth are now the fourth team in the Arena Football League this season to shut down.

Myth owner Diana Hutton shared a letter informing fans of the news on social media Tuesday. In the letter, Hutton seemingly blamed the negative attention surrounding the team over the last month as the reason behind the decision.

”The vision of the Minnesota Myth was to build a team focused on community engagement and bringing people together to celebrate not only football but also connection and community,” Hutton said. “Unfortunately, the effort was lost in the waves of negative chatter and misinformation that plagued social media, led by intentional efforts from non-supportive teams within the league and other individuals.”

On Monday, Hutton sent email to players informing them to return home immediately. She said the organization was working to obtain additional funding for the team but the timing did not work out.

In the email, Hutton also stated the negative attention affected the process.

”[The deal] was delayed due to the negative publicity surrounding our team and the league’s lack of support as their main purpose seems to be to sabotage this team in order to force my husband to resign as commissioner of the AFL. They even made changes to the schedule without any notification to us.” Hutton said.

Hutton shared that fans who purchased tickets will be issued a refund.

”I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my staff, as well as to all the players, dancers, sponsors and fans who supported the team even amid this turmoil. It was truly an absolute pleasure working with every one of you.” Hutton shared in Tuesday’s email.

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